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We feel that everyone deserves to be pampered. Massage is the best way to accomplished that. 


We at DayStar Spa Solution would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and our objectives to you. We also would like to offer free membership to you, your staff and (or) family member, with this you will receive a discounted rate of 10% on every services that we offer in our spa. In addition you will be awarded your fourth massage free on a quarterly basis.  (This offer ends on August 31, 2015).

We aim to create a wellness program specially tailored for your comfort and convenience, keeping you rejuvenated and prepared for daily life. We offer a wide range of Therapeutic Massages, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure, Exfoliation and Detoxification Body Treatment that can relieve you of your pain.

We are a wellness center with certified and licensed Massage Therapists that offer Holistic Massage Therapy services in a resort setting for a very reasonable cost. With the combination of our low prices and introductory rates you are sure to treat yourself first on your “to do” list.

We offer On-Site Massage at work places where we come in at your convenience to pamper you and your staff. This type of service is done in a chair setting, you are not required to take your clothes off. The therapist will apply pressure points on the troubled areas, this type of service is great for those that are seated at a desk all day.

Any question that you have you can email us at daystarspasolution@gmail.com or call our office at (876) Digicel 424-0633 / 422-6007; Lime 783-7946. 


Mon - Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm


Open on Sundays and Public Holiday By Appointments


36 Gloucester Ave

On The Grounds Of Dnway, A Jamaican Style Village

Montego Bay,